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Holiday Hustle 2020 Fitness Challenge, November 16 - January 4

Do the Holiday Hustle! We want to remind you to take time for yourself over the hectic holiday season by joining our Holiday Hustle challenge. The holidays have a reputation of overindulging and putting exercise on the last page of the “to do” list. The Holiday Hustle will help you stay focused through this busy time of year. Our goals are to provide you with a fun way to keep those holiday pounds off, give you the opportunity to meet new people, and keep you motivated and accountable. See the back for details. Avoid the Bustle and do the Hustle!

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Do the Holiday Hustle!

Step 1 - Pick a Partner and Register!

  • You and your partner will need to register individually at the YMCA Front Desk. Register by November 11. Please confirm the email address we have in our system so you can receive the Holiday Hustle bonus emails.
  • Everyone who participates gets a t-shirt.
  • Members pay only $15 to participate in the Holiday Hustle challenge. Non-Members pay $40 and this includes the Holiday Hustle challenge, unlimited access to the entire facility during the 7 week challenge including our basic group fitness classes - lots of classes each week to choose from!

Step 2 - Name Your Team and Bring in a Team Selfie Picture!

  • Please drop off a 4x6 team photo at our Front Desk and tell our staff your team name. Our Holiday Hustle tracking posters will be located downstairs in our main hallway, our staff will update these weekly so you can see your progress.

Step 3 - Track Your Work Out Time!

  • Starting November 16 you and your teammate will track your exercise time. Every 30 minutes of exercise equals 1 point. On Mondays email your team’s points earned from the previous week to Angela at

Step 4 - Bonus Points!

  • Every week you will receive an email on Friday with the opportunity for a Bonus to be completed the next week. Each team member can earn 1 bonus point each week.
  • Include your bonus points earned when you email Angela on Mondays.


Get Ready to Hustle! The team with the most points will receive a special prize at the end of the challenge.