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Indoor Cycling Certification Class

Indoor Cycling Specialty Certification

Saturday November 10, 2018 8:00- 3:00

NETA's new indoor group cycling certificate covers all of the basics of teaching cycling classes including getting
started, setting up the room, managing a variety of situations (dealing with new and experienced participants, late
arrivals, broken equipment, etc.). Participants learn the many body positions for a safe and challenging ride,
contraindications, terminology, class formatting, music selection, cuing and more. A special section has been added to
determine exercise intensity.
Workshop fee: $189

Cycle 360

Sunday November 11, 2018 8:00- 1:00

Cycle, Strength, and Core adds variety to your everyday indoor cycling class and provides your participants with a total
body circuit workout. Cycle 360 combines indoor cycling, and OFF the bike strength & core training. This allows
participants to experience an amazing aerobic workout while also strengthening their upper body and core. Cycle 360
allows rides to get the best formats in one class while balancing your muscles and avoiding burn out.
Workshop fee: $119

To Register: Call 800-237-6242 or On-line at

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